American Beauty
American Beauty (1999)
Runtime:122 minutes
Country:United States
Fear and Trembling
Fear And Trembling (2003)
Runtime:107 minutes
Countries:France, Japan
Laurel & Hardy Evening
And when did you last see your father?
When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)
Runtime:92 minutes
Countries:United Kingdom, Ireland
The Postman
The Postman (1994)
Runtime:108 minutes
Countries:Italy, France, Belgium
Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Runtime:101 minutes
Country:United States
Blood Diamonds
Blood And Diamonds (1977)
Runtime:103 minutes
Into the Wild
Into The Wild (2007)
Runtime:148 minutes
Country:United States
Sunrise at the Castle
Divingbell and the Butterfly
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly (2007)
Runtime:112 minutes
Countries:France, United States
La Vie en Rose 2007
La Vie En Rose (2007)
Runtime:140 minutes
Countries:France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic
The Keeper: the Legend of Omar Kyaam
The Keeper: The Legend Of Omar Khayyam (2005)
Runtime:95 minutes
Country:United States
The Lives of Others
The Lives Of Others
Country:United States
Volver (2006)
Runtime:121 minutes

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